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  • Optical sensor technology proven by millions of gamers
  • Comfortable ergonomic award winning 5 finger grip
  • Plug & Play, no drivers needed
  • Onboard memory that save your settings

QPAD OM-75 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse Symbols

QPAD OM-75 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse

Features the award winning 5-finger grip
For most gamers, it's all about the feel, and this is where the QPAD OM-75 truly shines! QPAD OM-75 features the award winning 5-finger grip, a stylish white piano finish that is easy to keep clean and true CPI setting in the sensor (Not software/firmware interpolation). The reliable sensor technology, proven by millions of gamers, has undergone improvements for generations. QPAD OM-75 also features a micro control unit to optimize the tracking performance, pre-mounted Glidz on the feets for smoother and faster mouse movement, 7 buttons of which 5 are programmable for short cuts, keys and macro commands. You can move at a max speed of 1 meter per second without losing data performance.

The sensor pictures the surface with a shutter speed of 6469 frames per second covering an area of 30x30 pixels per frame. This generates an image processing of impressive 5.8 MB data per second. You will be able to adjust the USB polling rate between 125, 250, 500 and 1000 Hz depending on how much your computer port can accept without creating lag. The QPAD OM-75 is Plug & Play for easy installation, so no external drivers are needed. The QPAD OM-75 also contains on board memory that keeps your programmed settings, even when switching to another computer. In addition to all this, the left and right buttons are built to last an impressive 5 million clicks, and the QPAD OM-75 switch technology will provide you with a distinctive feedback, to make sure every click counts!
QPAD OM-75 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse Package 


Sensor: Optical

Price: 49,90 Euro

Max acceleration:
Max speed:
Image processing:
USB polling rate:
USB data path:
Sensing pixels:

Sampling rate:
USB plug:
Response time:

AVAGO Gaming grade optical sensor
True CPI 400 or 1600 (Not software/firmware interpolation)
15 G
40 inch/sec | 1m/sec
5.8 MPS (Megapixel / second)
125, 250, 500, 1000 Hz
16 bits/axis
7 (5 Programmable)
30x30 pixels
6469 FPS (Frames per second)
Braided cable 2 meter
Gold plated USB
2 year                                                                                             

QPAD OM-75 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse

Lika som bär men ändå så olika. QPAD valde att lyssna på konsumenter, tog sin prisbelönta 5K och tog ett steg längre. Det vi fick va ytterligare en vinnare fast i en Beyonce kostym. Med sina små brister gällande programvara så har man fortfarande möjligheten att köra helt utan, men på grund av just detta så blir det tyvärr ingen fullpott, men låt er inte luras av små petitesser. OM-75 är absolut en prisvärd mus och en bra uppföljare till 5K. Tack vare sin form så passar musen in framför allt till spel, men vardagligt användande går minst lika bra. För att vara ett Svenskt företag så har QPAD lyckats pressa priset så pass att man kan kalla det för ett humant pris som alla borde ha råd med. Allt som allt så får jag återigen tacka QPAD för en underbar produkt och jag längtar till de släpper en ny banbrytande idé.

The OM-75 is something a little bit different, it offers comfort with advanced features, style over tacky extras.  It doesn’t quite tick all the boxes, though we don’t think it is suppose to.  At around £35+, this isn’t going to be the number 1 tournament gaming mouse, but if you are into RTS games, the OM-75 is a mouse we reccomend.

Score: Recommended award

Qpad OM-75 är en högpresterande och ganska sansat prissatt mus. Den fungerar bra för de flesta spel och ser även trevlig ut på skrivbordet vilket borde kunna locka en del kunder även från den "vanliga" världen, som annars satsat på Kensington eller Microsoft eller Logitech. Ergonomin är dessutom i toppklass.

Score: 9/10

Profesional Review

Muy buen sabor de boca nos ha dejado el primer contacto con QPAD. El QPAD OM-75 es un ratón gamer de alta gama con una estética elegante, gracias a su color blanco perla.

En nuestro banco de pruebas hemos comprobado que su tacto es muy agradable y su deslizamiento es muy bueno. Hemos jugado a títulos como Battlefield 3, Starcraft II y Call Of Duty. En todos ellos nos hemos sentido muy cómodo y con un gran abanico de posibilidades con sus 5 botones personalizables J

Aunque nos hubiera gustado que el ratón incluyese pesos personalizables y tuviese mejor ergonómia para jugadores zurdos.

El software suministrado nos permite ajustar la velocidad del ratón y personalizar cinco de los siete botones.

El QPAD OM-75 es un ratón completo, sencillo y cómodo. Su precio es de ratón de gama alta: 50€.



Om du er på utkikk etter en ny mus, så bør du velge denne. For meg har OM-75 blitt litt av et våpen mot mine angripere i spill som Battlefield 3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Might and Magic: Heroes VI og Lord of the Rings: War in the North. Dette var spillene som OM-75 fikk kjørt seg på og fungerte perfekt til alle. Foruten å si at Qpad OM-75 er en Pro gaming mus for en pro gamer, så sier vi løp og kjøp.

Score 9/10


Q: My mouse is lagging or having trouble responding to my movements.

A:  There are several reasons why this might happen. Please try cleaning the sensor chamber of the mouse. Dirt, hair or dust particles can interfere with the optical sensor making the mouse not responding accurately to your movements.
Also make sure that you are only using one set of Glidz on your mouse. Using two or more sets on top of each other can bring the mouse too high above the surface for the sensor to read it correctly. Make sure you are only using one set of Glidz.
If the problem persists, please contact QPAD Support.


QPAD OM-75 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse Package




QPAD OM-75 Gaming Mouse Software v1.00 >>>



Sensor: Optical

Price: 49,90 Euro