QPAD QC-10 Cleaning Tools


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QPAD QC-10 Cleaning Tools

Antistatic cleaning kit for gaming equipment, including special tools for deep cleaning of your keyboard, monitor, headset and mouse.

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Take care of your gaming equipment with this cleaning kit from QPAD. The package includes special tools for keyboard, monitor and mouse.

The package contains:
• 1pc Special tools for cleaning the keyboard with two different sizes of access pads. 137 x 7mm

• 1pc On one side a special tool for cleaning your mouse sensor. On the other side an anti-static brush to brush away dust and particles from confined spaces before cleaning with liquid 120 x 12mm

• 1pc Microfibre glove for cleaning larger surfaces such as monitor, headset or keyboard wrist rest 100x75x6.5mm

• 1pc Effective Anti-static cleaning fluid with drip pipette 6.5ml

• 1pc Effective Antistatic cleaning spray 8ml

• 5pcs Exchangeable cleaning pads for keyboard tool (large)

• 5pcs Exchangeable cleaning pads for keyboard tool (small)

• 3pcs Interchangeable microfiber pads for sensor tool

• 1st Picker to open up the square cleaning package is sealed transport to avoid leakage.

QPAD QC-10 Cleaning Package

Clean effortlessly with QPADs new antistatic cleaning kit
QC-10 contains a combination of cleaning agent especially adapted for cleaning out electronic products such as keyboard, monitor, mouse, camera, etc. A spray bottle and a dropper for large and small areas plus special tools to do the job.

The cleaning solution is hyper-efficient for electronic equipment and is colorless and tasteless without alcohol. It will create a protective anti-static film on the surface being cleaned and keeps dust particles away longer.

The cleaning tools you never thought you needed.
• Keyboard pen tool with cleaning pads in two different sizes cleans without releasing the cotton fiber. The flat design allows for easy access to clean between the keys. A formidable tool for you to keep your keyboard clean inbetween keycaps.

• Sensor Pen has a combination of a minimalistic cleaning pad for your mouse sensor and 3 spare pillows. Clean your mouse sensor without any problem to reach or without scratching it or leave cotton particles after cleaning.

• Microfiber Glove. The glove design makes it easier to clean larger areas and leaves nothing behind.