Wrist pad for QPAD Keyboard


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Wristpad for MK 50 | MK70 | MK80 | MK85, a perfect forearm support for better relief and prevention of injuries

- Hard plastic in perfect design.

79,00 kr tax incl.

Q: How do I attach or remove the wrist pad?
A:  To attach the wrist pad, place the keyboard on a flat surface. Put the wrist pad in the correct position underneath the keyboard and press down on the keyboard, until the plastic hinges lock into place. 
To remove the wrist pad, turn it gently towards the back end of the keyboard until it’s loose.
Please also check the manual for pictures on these procedures.

Wrist pad removal and installation


1. Place the keyboard on top of the wrist rest pins
2. Press on the keyboard with your tumbs above the pins A and B until you snap it into place
3. When removing just bend the wristpad 360 degrees
4. Bend 360 degrees until it snaps of its position

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