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Publiclir, t-shirt with a cool Publiclir and qpad logo on the front, big Publiclir symbol at the side. and QPAD on the back.Add your Nickname <Here>

159 kr

Publiclir Hoodie , for the enthusiastic fan.   Print front: Publiclir logo large Print Back: QPAD Logo Print Arms: -   Fabric: 80% cotton 20% Belcoro Weight: 280gm/m²Sizes: S - XXLManufactured by Fruit of the Loom   Nickname not included. Order your nick name here >>>

399 kr

Publiclir Sweat pants, comfortable sweat pants for fitness and for everyday use, with Publiclir print.   Nickname not included. Order your nick name here >>>   Print front: Publiclir logo right side, Q symbol right side Print Back: - Fabric: 80% cotton Belcoro Weight: 280gm/m²Sizes: S - XXL

349 kr

Publiclir shorts, lightweight shorts with Publiclir print on left front. big Q print on right side. Nickname are available for left side only. Add your Nickname <Here>TIP! Order one size larger than normal. 

149 kr

QPAD CT Publiclir Collector Mouse pad, the right choice to reach the top of your game.- Hybratek™ coating gives you a mix between soft cloth and hard top mouse pads.- The cloth gives you an extremely smooth and nice feeling.- Hybratek™ coating gives you a fast, speedy glide.- The Original eSport mouse pad. Made in Sweden. Nickname not included. Add your...

299 kr

QPAD® | FX 50 Publiclir Limited Edition Pro gaming Mousepad QPAD®|FX-50 Publiclir features a soft yet resistant surface designed to let you feel the mouse's movement over the pad's heat treated surface for better control. Size: 500x420x4mm Smooth, comfortable movment• Optimal precision• Controlled glide• Portable and robust

249 kr